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The Analytical Writing Assessment

The Analytical writing Assessment measures your critical reasoning skill and analytical writing ability. It is not a test of English language, but a test of how effectively you can communicate your ideas.


The GRE AWA has two tasks: 1. Analysis of an Issue, and 2. Analysis of an Argument, to be completed in 30 minutes each. Both these tasks require different approach to thinking and putting your thoughts into words in the form of essays of 500-600 words.


The GMAT AWA has one task which is Analysis of an Argument to be completed in 30 minutes. An argument will be given to you and you will have to analyze and critique its reasoning in the form of an essay of around 500-600 words.

Why do I need AWA Practice?

You have to write essays on the given AWA topic, along with critical analysis of the situation, which requires practice.  Schools have their criteria of AWA scores for admission and a score too low can raise red flags in your application.

What is Tested in my AWA?

Your AWA is tested on quite a few things including but not limited to the clarity of your thoughts, structure of your essay, reasoning ability, vocabulary, spelling and grammar, variation in sentence structure and the length of the essay.

Who Will Grade and Review my AWA?

Your AWA will be graded and reviewed by experts in the field who have helped thousands of students achieve a 5 + AWA score. They have experience of how the official grading is done and are well versed with how to help you improve you AWA writing skill.

How it Works

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Receive a mix of Issue and Argument topics handpicked from the official GRE AWA Pool by experts to provide you proper learning and practice. You also get pro tips on how to start writing AWAs.

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Write the first AWA essay using the pro tips received and email to us.

Video call with Expert for Feedback + Tips to Improve

Video call with expert for feedback on your AWA writing along with expected score on the AWA. You also get our secret tips on how to improve your AWA writing.

Write the Next Topic Better and Send for Feedback

Using the feedback and improvement tips, write your next AWA and send to us for feedback.

Perfect your AWA Score with Multiple Video/ Email Feedbacks

Perfect your AWA writing with these multiple feedbacks and transform into a confident AWA writer. Get a good score on your final AWA.

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What our students say

I’ve managed to secure a 5-point on AWA only because of AptiWizard. Their constant feedback and error correction made me good at it.

Jessica Thompson

GRE-329, AWA-5

I was introduced to AptiWizard by a friend and their Verbal Courses are amazing! I scored great!

Emma Wilson

GRE-333, AWA-4.5

AptiWizard taught me how to write proper Issue and Opinion tasks. I was scoring low on AWA before I enrolled in their AWA review plan. Now they are helping me out in SOPs for my applications.

Allan H

GRE-315, AWA-4