If Aptiwizard isn’t right for you, or if your score doesn’t improve, we’ll give you a full refund, if you meet the following conditions.

Please note that these conditions are placed in order to prevent misuse or abuse of the refund policy, and not to cause inconvenience to anyone.

7-day Money Back Guarantee:

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee for all courses and services on Aptiwizard. If you purchase any Aptiwizard course or service and decide that it isn’t right for you, then we will give you a full refund if:

  1. You ask for the refund within the first 7 days of purchase.
  2. You have not watched more than 20% of the video lessons.
  3. You have not practiced more than 20% of the practice questions.
  4. You have not taken more than 1 Full-Length test.
  5. You have not taken more than 1 AWA review.
  6. You have not taken more than 1 SOP Writing.

You will be eligible for a refund only if all of the above conditions are met, in which case, we will immediately issue a 100% refund of your money. To ask for a refund, just send us an email at contact@aptiwizard.com and we’ll get back immediately.

Refund Time

We will issue your refund within one business day from the day you request a refund, but the time taken for the money to reflect on your card/account may differ on a number of factors, including bank holidays, interbank transactional delays, your country of residence, and delays in processing by payment gateways.

Here are the estimated timeframes for refunds.

Payment MethodRefund Time
Credit/Debit Card7-10 business days
Internet Banking (Only in India)Up to 10 business days
PayPal7-10 business days

In case your refund is delayed beyond the aforementioned timeframes, send an email to contact@aptiwizard.com and we will help you out. ????

Refund Method

Your money gets refunded into the same account that you used to pay for Aptiwizard services. This applies to all the three payment methods mentioned above. We cannot transfer the refund to a different account, or use a different mode of payment to provide the refund.

Refund Terms and Conditions:

We accept refund request only for those products/services that offer you a money-back guarantee. Money-back guarantee, if applicable, will be mentioned in the course/service details.